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Dave Allen  Modelling Profile


Growing-up in St. Stephen N.B. during the 1940’s, with Pennfield Air Force Base nearby, I developed a keen interest in Aircraft, and as I liked to build things, “Model Aircraft”.


1946 – 52     My first model kit was a “stick & tissue”, rubber powered glider, about 3 ft. span with a folding, single blade counter-weighted prop.  My friend, Carl and I each built one, and had many enjoyable flights with them.  With the advent of “U”- Control, my first engine was a Cub .074, which I used on a “Jim Walker Firebaby”.  I also used this engine on several other “U”- Control and Freeflight aircraft.  In 1949 I joined MAAC (# 526), which at the time was being promoted by our local Chrysler dealer.


1952 - 61     During these years I was busy working on cars, finishing High School, University, getting Married, launching an Engineering career with Imperial Oil, and starting a Family. – No time for model airplanes.


1961 – 65     Living in Sarnia, Calgary, and Toronto, I enjoyed the challenge of Single Channel R/C with Min-X equipment (built in Detroit), with rubber powered escapements providing control.  I built several kit and scratch-built aircraft, including Ken Willard’s “Scorcher”, and a Midwest “Tri-Squire”. – We used to say: “Single Channel, where we interrupt the normally stable flight of a freefligfht aircraft, with radio signals!!”


1965 – 76     With the advent of “simultaneous proportional control on all surfaces”, I purchased a used CRC Analogue R/C outfit (built in Toronto).  I used it first in a “scratch built” Stirling Piper Tri-Pacer with great success, enjoying the hobby with my friend John in Toronto, who also had a Piper Tri-Pacer. – The “Golden Age of R/C was launched.  In 1968 we moved back to Sarnia, and in 1969 I purchased the new CRC Digital equipment, which I enjoyed for many years.  Using Super Tiger 40’s and 60’s, my signature “scratch built “ aircraft included a Kraft Ugly Stick, a Fairchild PT-26 Cornell, and a DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter.  In 1971 Nick Weet, Al Harse, Willie Janssen, Zigy Telser, and myself got together and formed the “Bluewater R/C Flyers”. – The rest is history. – A great Club which many have enjoyed over the years, and still do today.  To facilitate our “scratch building, a group of us bought our balsa in 2” planks, and prepared our own strips and sheets.  We also bought Methanol, by the 45 gal. drum, and caster oil by the 5 gal. drum, and mixed our own engine fuel.


1976 - 91     These were very busy Career years, when we lived in various Cities across Canada.  I did restore a car during these years, and continued to do a bit of R/C flying, but no building.


1991 – Now     I retired in 1991, moved back to Sarnia, and got back into some serious “scratch building” and ARF’s.  I particularly enjoyed OS 4-stroke engines and 1/5 to ¼ scale Aircraft.  My signature aircraft have been Pietenpol, Tiger Moth, PT-19, J-3 Cub, and Piper Tri-Pacer.  In the last few years, I have been enjoying the new Electrics, both Indoor and Outdoor.  I am using 2.4 GHz Spektrum Radio Systems in scale kits and ARFs of mostly Tiger Moths, Pietenpols, and Piper Cubs.   I particularly enjoy the Stevens Aeromodel kits. – The Electrics provide a whole new challenge for us in this very diverse and fulfilling Hobby.

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