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Pilot, Norm Dobbing

​I started in the hobby 20 years ago. When I was a young teenager living in London Ontario, My friend and I used to go down to the Gore rd club and watch the older fellas fly their great models. There was no way our parents had that kind of money to support us in this hobby. Well, some years later I met and became friends with a guy from the London flying club. One day he mentioned to me to come on over, I have something I want to show you. He had a trailer with a large telemaster and a 1/4 scale Corsair. Needless to say it brought me back to my childhood. It was great looking at these beauty's. My wife said I should have a hobby and this would be good for me. She didn't have to say it twice. My first model was a royal trainer with an expert radio I purchased from a member in the club. Then I bought a Hobbico ARF (all most ready to fly) and now I have 15 aircraft. I fly mostly giant scale models now and enjoy the larger planes, But still like to dabble with my contender. I have built many kits now and do have some ARF's as well. I still can`t believe I am doing this hobby, It once was a dream and now reality. I have met many modelers in my travels and have become friends with many of them. To me, This is the greatest hobby on Earth!!!

Keep smilin, Keep flyin.

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