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Have Questions? We have the answers.

​Want to learn how to fly model aircrafts?

With our wings program you can be flying in no time.
We offer instruction with the use of a buddy box system.












Club fee 
$100 (18+) regular membership
$25 (under 18) Junior

You will also need a M.A.A.C. membership
($100 for adults and $10 for under 18)

Please contact


You can purchase an apprentice such as the plane in the video. You can often get used planes and equipment that would get you started for $150-$300.  We also fly indoors with planes that can be purchased for under $100.  Many people also use a flight simulator on their computer to help practice their skills.  This is a great help in learning to control a Radio Control plane. 

The best way to learn, is from someone who knows what they are doing.  

Research on the internet will be a big help.

Here is a web link where you can get started.

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